It’s hard not to have heard, but Apple has released the iPhone X and ushered in the year of consumer facial recognition via its latest handset.

Due to the popularity of facial recognition, it begs the question: What about using facial recognition for time tracking?

The reality is that facial recognition time clocks have been around for many years. For the most part, they are proprietary hardware clocks. However, a new crop of so-called ‘software clocks’ are making facial recognition possible on any device and making biometrics suitable for both Android and iOS devices.

Facial recognition is especially suitable for time tracking solutions. The problem with all biometric time tracking solutions occurs when an employee is attempting to punch in and the system doesn’t recognize them.

Because facial recognition images are reviewable by people, a biometric time clock using facial recognition can allow a punch even in the rare case it can’t recognize the employee. An administrator can review the exception and ensure it is the correct employee. This allows your employees to get to work quickly, without the headache of a system that may or may not recognize them 100% of the time.

Finally, facial recognition works on the broadest variety of devices, since these days cameras are everywhere. All tablets and smartphones running Android or iOS now have front-facing cameras, allowing you to use inexpensive devices as time clocks.

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