Time Fraud Loss Calculator

Did you know many employees will estimate their time slightly in their favor each time they punch in or out from work? This time theft can add up quickly.

According to Software Advice, 43% of employees fudge their in and out times. This could grow to as high as 7% of your gross annual payroll. Additionally, if you aren’t using biometric timeclocks you could be using even more due to buddy punching.

Use the below time theft calculator to see what you may be loosing annually through time theft and buddy punching.

Considering number of employees, average wage of these employees, and average number of days worked each year, the calculator will compute how much you may be loosing annually toward time theft and buddy punching.


Answer the questions below to calculate the amount of time fraud that may be occurring in your organization: 

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Advanced Labor Management

Time & Attendance Features
  • Mobile Offline Punching
  • Mobile Offline Facial Recognition
  • Mobile Offline GPS Geofencing
  • Mobile Offline MicroLocation using Bluetooth Beacons
  • Mobile Offline Scheduling
  • Mobile Offline Job Costing using optional hierarchy, job, phase, equipment, and position codes. All configurable and data-driven
  • Mobile Offline Job Costing transfer between hierarchy, job, phase, equipment, and position codes
  • Mobile Employee Self Service, including time-off requests, timecard approval with signature, schedule review, and notifications
  • Advanced Scheduling including scheduling planning, master schedules, and posting schedule workflows
  • Schedule by position
  • Custom Hierarchy Setup
    Advanced Punch Permissions
  • Multiple Paygroup, Paytype, and pay calendar setup
  • Custom Overtime Rules
  • Leave tracking, Accruals, and advanced calculations
  • Exception-based management of biometrics, GPS tracking, missing punches, scheduling exceptions, and much more!
  • Employee self service timecard approval and review
  • Advanced Supervisor permissions and assignment
  • Supervisor review
  • Dashboard including in/out board, approaching overtime, and more!
  • Advanced payclass pay rate, bill rate, overtime factors, burden, and profitability calculations
  • Industry-first script-based advanced Punch rules for complex shift differentials, union rules, holiday grants, guaranteed minimums, and meal-penalty waivers and grants
  • Job Management, including job dashboard, job budget, and actual to budget variance timecard view
  • Client management including client notes, contacts, and jobs
  • Advanced integrations for import/export, custom reporting and triggers, and data manipulation
  • Custom Payroll Export
  • Advanced tiered punch question workflow setup with multiple language options
  • HR and Payroll integrations with leading providers in the industry or a custom-built solution tailored to your requirements.