Interestingly enough janitorial companies were some of the very first early adopters of this technology and have shown significant savings not only in fraud prevention but also in increased productivity. Most companies have used the bring your own clock (BYOC) approach and mounted tablets onsite for their staff to clock in and out with. Mobile punching from employees phones also provides a secondary option reducing the excuses for why someone didn’t punch in on a certain day. 

The rollout and setup are extremely easy to accomplish, since the company can buy its own tablets and cases to mount to the walls on location. Then it’s as simple as downloading the Findd app and they are off to the races. The cleaning staff then punch in and out quickly using the facial recognition with full historical record of each punch. The data provides fantastic reporting capabilities to resolve disputes about punch history and assess employees.

As mentioned, janitorial companies have led the way in adopting and utilizing this functionality to save millions of dollars and improve productivity. Ask us for more details and we can share some real world examples and the benefits you could experience by implementing Findd.