Findd releases new mobile application focused on employee time and performance

Utah, February 8, 2018 – Facial recognition isn’t the only standout feature in this new release of the Findd mobile app. In addition to allowing employers to track exactly who is punching (Facial Recognition) and where employees are located (using GPS and Bluetooth beacons), Findd has added new features to boost performance for companies and workers aimed to show what tasks employees are working on.

“We’ve really focused on keeping the user experience simple with the new app but have infused some powerful, yet simple ideas, around capturing what people do when they punch out at the end of their shift,” says Tom Loveland, Co-founder of Findd. “This involves letting the employer optionally create custom tasks or checklists for each position and location so employees can record and report on work done directly from the mobile device.”

Checklists have been around for a long time and have proven to help people build new habits and increase performance, all while avoiding common mistakes as shown in the airline and medical industries. Findd’s future plans include the continued development of features allowing employees to track activities during time worked. Self-declared checklists included in this mobile release are just the beginning. Eventual expansion into the use of AI to capture work activity via sensors and the allocation of time for each activity is on the Findd roadmap.

About Findd

Findd is a Utah tech company focused on employee time and performance mobile and online systems. Findd helps companies know the who, where, and when with their employees to eliminate fraud, including supervisor fraud, and is focused on future solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to know what workers are doing and how well they do it. Markets of particular focus include cleaning services, home health care, fields services, temp staffing, construction, manufacturing, and mobile workforces.  

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