Innovative Facial Recognition Time Clock From Findd, Provides Security and Savings for Janitronics


Utah, November 01, 2016  – The Bring Your Own Clock (BYOC) revolution is here and is making a huge impact for companies with mobile and field-based workforces. Such is the case for one Massachusetts building maintenance company, Janitronics Building Services, which recently implemented a mobile biometric clock solution from Utah based startup, Findd.


The Findd biometric time clock solution is an application that can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device to instantly turn it into a mobile time clock; for use by an individual on their phone or on a tablet in a team setting. According to Janitronics CFO, Vince Wong, Findd’s new mobile facial recognition takes time tracking technology to the next level, “We’ve had tremendous success with facial recognition over the last two years but Findd brings the next generation of simplicity and efficiency with a solution that is extremely easy to adopt and with clear organizational value.”


One of the key benefits that continues to draw Janitronics to Findd’s facial recognition time clock is how easy it is to deploy. “With our solution there is no proprietary hardware, so the client has the ultimate freedom to select the tablet or phone of their choice; giving a company like Janitronics control and flexibility to adapt the solution to its unique business needs and circumstances,” said Tom Loveland, CEO and Co-founder of Findd.


Mr. Wong continues, “At Janitronics we have over 1500 employees working at 165 locations and require a solution we can trust to accurately track time and avoid fraud. Using Findd’s facial recognition technology we have full view of every person clocking in. It provides us and our clients security in knowing exactly who is working in our buildings. This coupled with the ability to use the Findd mobile application on our own tablets without having to purchase any proprietary clock hardware is what makes Findd special. Our employees can arrive at any location and with a quick selfie get right to work servicing our clients.”


While the use of facial recognition biometrics has clear value in timekeeping solutions, the real revolution appears to be in the ‘BYOC’ part of the equation for Findd and Janitronics. “Everyone has heard of BYOD but as far as I know, we’ve coined the term BYOC,” says Mr. Loveland. “In the time and attendance industry there are hundreds, if not thousands, of time clock manufacturers, all with expensive and proprietary hardware.” “We’ve disrupted that and provided small and large organizations alike with a solution so easy to adopt, they can literally download it and start using it in minutes instead of waiting months to rollout a solution.”


Findd is the face of something simple, yet revolutionary, with it’s BYOC approach in an industry that is constantly searching for the next big thing in labor productivity.


About Janitronics Building Services

Janitronics Building Services is based in Waltham, MA and has been locally owned and managed for three generations. It works with its clients to enhance the investment value of their properties by providing responsive and comprehensive building services. Janitronics provides building services to companies in both downtown and suburban locations. Its clients are exclusively those developers, property management, corporate, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health care firms who require the high level of service Janitronics provides.


About Findd

Findd is a Utah tech company focused on employee productivity with products ranging from mobile facial recognition time clocks, to text-based biometric I9 on-boarding tools. Findd helps companies know the who, where, and when with their employees to eliminate fraud, including supervisor fraud, and is focused on future solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to know what workers are doing and how well they do it. Markets of particular focus include cleaning services, home health care, fields services, construction, manufacturing, and mobile workforces.  


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