Facial Recognition for Time Tracking

Top Three Reasons to use Facial Recognition Biometrics for Time Tracking

Facial Recognition Biometrics For Time Keeping Reduces Rounding and Errors

Any system that doesn’t utilize biometrics may be ripe for buddy punching, ghost employees, and supervisor fraud

Save Money

To be blunt, time tracking is fraught with employee and supervisor misrepresentation. Facial Recognition prevents this type of fraud.

Any Device

Facial recognition has the advantage of working on any device with a camera. All iOS and Android devices are capable of doing facial recognition. Fingerprint, palm, iris readers can’t run on an employee’s smartphone.

Human Review

Unlike fingerprint, iris, or palm readers, a photo is human-reviewable. This means that the frontline biometric system that uses facial recognition will not only prevent fraud and be fast for the employee to get to work, but the punch will have a photo audit that can be reviewed later. 

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Facial Recognition for Time Keeping

More accurate time keeping by removing employee’s ability to round time.

According to Software Advice, 43% of employees fudge their in and out times. This over-estimation of employee time worked can be as high as 7% of your gross annual payroll. If your employees are self-reporting, this is a huge problem.

So how is this fixed?

Recognizing the problem with self-reported time, employers will often ask a supervisor to record a direct-report’s time on their behalf. What is often less understood is that the supervisors themselves are committing “time rounding” and “time forgiveness” to curry favor with their direct reports.

The only good solution is to require a full biometric and geolocated automated time solution where an employee is accountable to report the in time, out time, breaks, and any job costing information. This removes the ability for the employee or supervisor to commit time theft.

Facial recognition works on virtually all smartphones and tablets

There is no need to buy expensive equipment. Palm, fingerprint, or iris biometric clocks are effective at preventing fraud. But they are bulky, expensive, and proprietary. Why invest in a single-purpose device when you can either purchase inexpensive tablets and turn them into biometric time clocks or even have your employees use their own phones and get the same benefits? Findd’s facial recognition allows for the best of both worlds: security plus convenience. 

No “false negatives”

What is a false negative? Simply put, when your employee is being honest and trying to punch in or out of work, and the biometric system cannot recognize them, this is a “false negative”. The dirty secret behind most fingerprint, iris, and palm readers is that there is no good solution for false-negatives. If an employee’s biometrics cannot be processed, what option do they have? Only to have the supervisor manually enter the time. This opens you up for supervisor fraud. 

Findd facial recognition biometrics solves this issue. Findd is the only biometric time solution that has 0% false negatives. This means there is never a time when your employees can’t punch in and out of work. Additionally, the supervisor will never need to get involved. This saves both time and frustration, but also removes the ability for supervisor fraud.

How much are you loosing to time fraud? Use the calculator below to estimate:

Fraud Calculator

Advanced Labor Management

Time & Attendance Features
  • Mobile Offline Punching
  • Mobile Offline Facial Recognition
  • Mobile Offline GPS Geofencing
  • Mobile Offline MicroLocation using Bluetooth Beacons
  • Mobile Offline Scheduling
  • Mobile Offline Job Costing using optional hierarchy, job, phase, equipment, and position codes. All configurable and data-driven
  • Mobile Offline Job Costing transfer between hierarchy, job, phase, equipment, and position codes
  • Mobile Employee Self Service, including time-off requests, timecard approval with signature, schedule review, and notifications
  • Advanced Scheduling including scheduling planning, master schedules, and posting schedule workflows
  • Schedule by position
  • Custom Hierarchy Setup
    Advanced Punch Permissions
  • Multiple Paygroup, Paytype, and pay calendar setup
  • Custom Overtime Rules
  • Leave tracking, Accruals, and advanced calculations
  • Exception-based management of biometrics, GPS tracking, missing punches, scheduling exceptions, and much more!
  • Employee self service timecard approval and review
  • Advanced Supervisor permissions and assignment
  • Supervisor review
  • Dashboard including in/out board, approaching overtime, and more!
  • Advanced payclass pay rate, bill rate, overtime factors, burden, and profitability calculations
  • Industry-first script-based advanced Punch rules for complex shift differentials, union rules, holiday grants, guaranteed minimums, and meal-penalty waivers and grants
  • Job Management, including job dashboard, job budget, and actual to budget variance timecard view
  • Client management including client notes, contacts, and jobs
  • Advanced integrations for import/export, custom reporting and triggers, and data manipulation
  • Custom Payroll Export
  • Advanced tiered punch question workflow setup with multiple language options
  • HR and Payroll integrations with leading providers in the industry or a custom-built solution tailored to your requirements.