We make technology for working people.

As a founding team, we’ve spent much of our careers indoors in the safety of an office. But our roots are much more blue-collar. Although we’ve spent the majority of our professional lives designing and building world-class software organizations, we are no strangers to those workers who aren’t sitting at a computer all day. We come from a line of construction workers, coal miners, and farmers. We spent our youth working outside with our hands getting paid minimum wage doing manual labor. Our perspective was formed by knowing both what it is like to clean up an office space as a janitor, as well as work in an office as a business leader. In short, we feel a connection with people who work hard. This is why it makes sense that we are passionate about developing technology that actually makes the worker better at their job. These are the men and women who at times get their hands dirty. They sweat, lift, and dig. These workers are up and moving and not sitting in a chair or near a computer most of their day. They are nurses, doctors, and lineworkers. They are janitors, builders, security guards, and home healthcare professionals. In short, they are a group we highly respect as the backbone of so much of what many of us take for granted every day. Findd was founded on a simple premise: to build technology that helps workers get better at their jobs. Technology shouldn’t suck. Technology shouldn’t get in the way of work. It should be as passive as possible and should never ask the user something it should already know. It should help both the back-office and front-line gather more accurate information. Software should enable performance gains, not just increase efficiency. It should lift, teach, and enhance the worker’s ability to get their core job done faster, safer and with higher performance. Technology should be built with the worker as the #1 priority. We founded Findd in 2016 with this goal in mind. Findd creates simple yet powerful mobile technologies focused on maximizing a worker’s potential.